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Consulting Demystified : The world of consultancy

A vision, some meticulous planning, a decent amount of investment and the passion is required to make any plan/project work. You have the resources; you have the vision, you possess the passion to make it work. But is it a complete picture?

Have you calculated the risks, the competitions, the profit margin, the most viable way to get things up and running? Without a proper analysis, it is difficult to deal with the problems that crop up when starting a business.

Consultants are the knights in shining armour of the present to pull you out of the mess. You have a plan and you want it to materialize? It’s a consultant’s call to come to the rescue.

Consulting Demystified is the fairy godmother of consultancy to those who are distressed and want a proper idea about the profession. Covering all the bases, this book is just perfect to meet all your needs at once. Crisp, concise and to the point, the book is made to suit the needs of the youth of the present whose lives are as fast paced as the world around them. A no-fuss jargon makes sure that you grasp the most complex concept in the easiest manner. The book has been divided into 7 parts with each part focusing on one aspect of consultancy.

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About Author

Niraj Satnalika


Contact No : +91-9619413629

Niraj Satnalika the author of the book is currently associated with CRISIL Ltd. (A Standard and Poor’s Company)- India’s largest credit rating agency as a Research Analyst. Niraj has had a number of experiences in the past. Some of his noteworthy achievements are elucidated as under:

  • Successfully completed two short term professional assignment for the Economic Research Cell of Confederation of Indian Industry, Kolkata
  • Research paper titled “India’s Infrastructure- A boon or Bane” published in International Journal of Business and Management Invention (IJBMI) , Vol.2, Issue 6, June 2013
  • Research paper titled “Indonesian Economy- A Silent Competitor” published in Scholarly Journal of Business Administration (SJBA) 2013, Vol.3, Issue 4, May 2013
  • Research paper titled "Financial Policy of US Corporates", published in International Journal of Trends in Finance (IJTIF) , Vol.2, Issue 6, 2013
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt from Think Excellence, December 2012
  • Indian Delegate for the Harvard Project for Asian and Internal Relations (HPAIR) Asia Conference 2012, conducted by Harvard University at Taipei, Taiwan from August 24-28, 2012 for the panel "Defining Private-Public Partnership in Energy and Environment"
  • Article titled “Sports as the emerging career" selected among the best 5 articles across India during FICCI Global Sports Summit "TURF 2011".
  • Successfully completed course on Entrepreneurship, Model Thinking and Mathematical Thinking from Stanford University and Michigan University
  • Research paper titled "User Authentication by Secured Graphical Password Implementation", published in International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA) 2010.
  • Research paper titled "Nanotechnology: Big Things from a Tiny World” published in International Journal of U- and E- Services, Science and Technology(IJUNESST)", Vol.2, No.3, September 2009, organized by “Science and Engineering Support Society (SERSC)”
  • Associated with two leading financial portal in India- MarketExpress and Green World Investor as contributing writer
  • Member - Placement Committee, IMT Ghaziabad for the year 2011-12
  • Member of 4 Member Corporate Interaction Team during Final Placements in the year 2011-12
  • Contributed articles for the official magazine of IMT Ghaziabad- "The Perspective"
  • Article titled "India’s Infrastructure- a boon or bane" published in Pratibimb February edition, the monthly magazine of T.A.Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal
  • Article titled "Is there any economic recession knocking the doors" published in Business Seriously magazine of IMT Ghaziabad in September 2011
  • Article titled "Co Marketing: A tussle between Cost Collaboration and Smart Strategy" published in premiere marketing magazine- “Markezine" of IMT Ghaziabad in August 2011
  • Active member of National Crowd Funding Association of India (NCFA) to promote the concept of crowd funding on a pan India scale
He is also a philanthropist and dedicates his time for his non-profit venture, B N Satnalika Foundation, under the capacity of Managing Director. The foundation works for the promotion of education among the underprivileged children.


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