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"It's time to give back to society,
It's time to do something for humanity,
It's time to do something for those who are not that much privileged as we are,
It's time to do something to bring light in someone's life,
It's time to spread literacy in that segment of society which is still uncared, and
Of course to feel responsible by joining this social mission and make it a revolution.
Join hand and be a part of our foundation...Together we can change someone's life!!

It is an initiative by us to help you take the first step towards doing something good for the betterment and well being of our society. It's simply a thought; there is absolutely no need to make any commitments. We just want to make this world better for living by being a part of it.

What you can do for us:

You can sponsor one or more child with mere Rs. 3600 for a year which will be used for the benefit of the needy students so that they are not deprived of any facilities required in their education.

You can donate through Cheques, Demand Draft or by directly remitting your funds into our bank account.

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